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TIG Welding Certification Tests - Tips For Passing the Weld Test

Exactly what do Boilermakers, Pipefitters, and Aerospace welders share?

Passing a TIG welding certification test is generally needed in order to be thought about a certified welder or to even be employed for the task in the very first location.

For boilermakers and pipefitters a pipeline or tube welding test is typically needed and can be anywhere from 3/8" to 12 inches in diameter and depending upon the task, the product bonded is generally carbon steel or stainless-steel, or carbon steel bonded with ER309 filler metal. (sometimes other alloys are bonded however carbon and stainless comprise the bulk of welding tests provided).

Aerospace welders on the other hand may be needed to weld virtually any metal:.

  • carbon steel/ low alloy steel - 4130, 4140, 4340, 8630.
  • stainless-steel - 321, 347, 13-8, 15-7, 17-7, a286.
  • nickel alloys - hastelloy x, inconel 718.
  • aluminum - A355,356,357 castings, 6061, 2219.
  • magnesium - az31b,.
  • titanium - 6AL4V, CP.
  • cobalt - L605, haynes 188.
  • refractory alloys like columbium.

TIG Welding Certification
Aerospace tig welding accreditations tests are normally uncomplicated groove welds or fillet welds unless the unique application arrangement of the American Welding Society D17.1 is utilized. In some cases a basic groove or fillet weld test does not precisely stand for the scope of welding carried out.

Because case there is an arrangement for the welder to be licensed making use of a scrap part, live part, or mock up test that stands for the weld carried out in production. It is a more restricted certification however it assists to accredit a welder on jobs that appropriately test the capability needed to do the task.

For Boilermakers and pipefitters, a tig welding certification test on tube or pipeline practically stands for the exact same joint carried out in the field.

Tips for passing any tig welding test:.

  • purge - provide great deals of focus on getting an ideal purge by seeing to it ends are taped nicely and firmly with a vent hole at the top for gas to leave.
  • Clean the metal - Whether welding a pipeline joint or sheet metal butt weld, if you do not clean the metal right, you will most likely fail. Metals like aluminum and titanium are susceptible to porosity and submitting the edge eliminates crud that will certainly trigger porosity ... Some test inspectors will certainly fail you on the area simply for not cleaning the metal.
  • For aerospace tig welding tests, see to it to submit the sheared edge of the metal.
  • Degrease with acetone or other authorized solvent ... provide the rod a clean too.
  • Follow directions ... Whether composed or from you test manager, focus, check out, and follow guidelines.